3 Minute Thesis Final: Public vote

Ten PhD students, representing Schools and Research Centres across the Faculty of Medicine have participated in a thrilling Three Minute Thesis final.

Each student was challenged to explain their research in three minutes, using language that is appropriate to a non-specialist audience and a virtual audience of more than 140 were on hand to applaud the student’s efforts.

Chloe Yap, Mater 
From molecules to the mind: autism biology from big data 

Robin-Lee Troskie, MRIU
The Walking Dead – Zombie Genes

Meron Lewis, SPH
Can everyone afford healthy food?

Amanda Bordin, UQCCR
A breath of fresh air: improving tests  for bacteria in cystic fibrosis

Clare Primiero, UQDI
Our DNA Story: fate or fiction

Joshua Monteith, UQDI
Targeting Cloaking Antibody: Seizing the means of production

Samuel Chan, CHSR
Kidney Transplant and the Gut

Asia (Amstrong) Haines, SBMS
Where do they go, and why?

Hollier O’Neill, PCHN
Racing to improve Heart Transplants

Zoe Thomson, SPH
The Weight of a breast cancer diagnosis