As an internationally recognised provider of world-class education and research, we support diverse learning opportunities for the equivalent of 4000 full-time students, including 2600 undergraduate students, 700 postgraduate coursework students, and 800+ students undertaking a research higher degree. 

Our Schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs which provide opportunities for students to focus on some of the medical disciplines such as eHealth and Mental Health, and specialisations in areas of Biomedical Sciences and of Public Health. Our programs focus on applying research and knowledge from a basic science level, clinical level, and whole of population level to improve health outcomes.

Our integrated, case management and problem-based learning approach to teaching is entrenched with world class research scientists, facilities and investment. Indeed, many of our teaching staff within the Faculty combine teaching with research and clinical practice. Such knowledge is transferred to students, embedding real-life research and clinical experiences into day-to-day learning. With more than 1000 academic and professional staff on hand to provide expert guidance and supervision, students are well supported to achieve their best. 

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