High quality education and research in medicine, biomedical sciences and public health would not be possible without the tireless work of our hospital and clinic-based health professionals. These health professionals may be registrars in teaching hospitals, eminent specialists in private practice, or experienced general practitioners who play a vital role in primary care.

They are vital in training the next generation of health professionals and to recognise the work of these hardworking health professionals, the Faculty awards individuals with academic titles.

Every day, our Academic Title Holders teach medical students, mentor junior researchers, and take on hours of research activity in their own time to improve patient care.

More than 4,000 Queensland doctors do this special work on behalf of UQ every day.

Next time you visit your GP or specialist, take a second look to see if they are hold a title other than doctor (e.g. Professor) - or look for a small UQ pin on their lanyard. These are two small clues to let you know your doctor is an Academic Title Holder with The University of Queensland.

New and existing applications for academic titles are welcomed. These titles are awarded for a period of up to five years to health professionals who make significant contributions to The University and are assessed by the relevant organisational unit Heads, Faculty executives and committees commensurate to the level of appointment.

We applaud our Academic Title Holders for being an integral part of medical education and research at The University of Queensland.

6. Contacts

General contacts

UQ ContactsEmailsNumbersWebsites
Faculty of Medicine Marketingmed.marketing@uq.edu.au0733 655 088medicine.uq.edu.au
Faculty of Medicine Academic Title Holdersmed.academictitles@uq.edu.au0733 466 006medicine.uq.edu.au/alumni-and-community/academic-title-holders
School of Public Health 0733 464 627sph.uq.edu.au 
School of Biomedical Sciences 0733 651 340biomedical-sciences.uq.edu.au/
Mater Medical Research Institute - UQ 0731 632 555research.mater.org.au
UQ Diamantina Institute 0734 437 030di.uq.edu.au
Centre for Preclinical Drug Development 0733 469 933cipdd.centre.uq.edu.au
Executive Deanmed.execdean@uq.edu.au  
Faculty Executive Managermed.fem@uq.edu.au  
Associate Dean (Academic)med.ada@uq.edu.au  
Associate Dean (Research)med.adr@uq.edu.au  
International Students study@uq.edu.au  
Clinical Research Liaison Officersmed.research.ath@uq.edu.au  
Senior Recruitment and Health Partnershipsmed.srhp@uq.edu.au   
Faculty Reception – Oral Health Centremed.reception@uq.edu.au  
Faculty Reception - Mayne Medical Buildingmed.reception2@uq.edu.au  

Clinical unit/school contacts

PAH Southside Clinical Unit
A/Prof Ruth Hubbard - Headr.hubbard1@uq.edu.au0734 438 043 
Anna Efstathiadou - Executive Assistantmed.pascu@uq.edu.au0734 436 903 
Sarah Wishart - Clinical Unit Team Leadermed.pascu@uq.edu.au0734 438 037 
Greenslopes Clinical Unit
Prof Michael Whitby - Headm.whitby1@uq.edu.au or greenslopescs@som.uq.edu.au0733 460 601medicine-program.uq.edu.au/clinical-schools/school-clinical-medicine/clinical-units/greenslopes
Ellice Ablitt - Clinical Unit Team Leadermed.gph@uq.edu.au0733 460 600medicine-program.uq.edu.au/clinical-schools/school-clinical-medicine/clinical-units/greenslopes
Kerryn Morris - Student Coordinator/PA to Headk.morris2@uq.edu.au or greenslopesCS@som.uq.edu.au0733 460 601medicine-program.uq.edu.au/clinical-schools/school-clinical-medicine/clinical-units/greenslopes
St Lucia Clinical Unit
Dr Ben Barry  - Headb.barry@uq.edu.au  
Amarjeet Kaur - Clinical Unit Team Leadermed.stlucia@uq.edu.au0733 655 519 
Mater Clinical Unit
Prof David McIntyre – HeadMaterCS@som.uq.edu.au0731 633 641 
Ellice Ablitt – Clinical Unit Team Leadercsso_mater@uq.edu.au0731 633 642 
Ipswich Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Thomas Nathow – Headt.nathow@uq.edu.au0738 109 705 
Ellice Ablitt – Clinical Unit Team Leadermed.ipswich@uq.edu.au0738 109 704 
Mardelene Grobbelaar – Student CoordinatoripswichCS@som.uq.edu.au0738 109 705 
Northside Clinical Unit
Prof Ian Yang – Headi.yang@uq.edu.au0731 395 050 
Morgan Wright – Clinical Unit Team Leadermorgan.wright@uq.edu.au0731 394 801 
Denise Schultz – Student Coordinator TPCHd.schultz@uq.edu.au0731 394 381 
Megan Moses – Student Coordinator TPCHm.moses@uq.edu.au0731 394 810 
Mark Livett – Student Coordinator Redcliffe Hospitalm.livett@uq.edu.au0738 837 717 
Liz de Boer – Student Coordinator Caboolture Hospitall.deboer@uq.edu.au0754 338 822 
Primary Care Clinical Unit
DGP Administratordgpadmin@uq.edu.au0733 46 5136medicine.uq.edu.au
Heather McMaster – Administrative Coordinator, GP Rotationsgprotation@uq.edu.au0733 655 260medicine.uq.edu.au
Gillian Vey – Personal Assistant, Director Primary Care Researchg.vey@uq.edu.au0733 655 379medicine.uq.edu.au
Robyn Wessling – Personal Assistant, Head Primary Care Clinical Unitr.wessling@uq.edu.au0733 465 137medicine.uq.edu.au
Kim Wicks – Administrative Coordinator, MIS Stream Ck.wicks@uq.edu.au0733 465 146medicine.uq.edu.au
Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Dr Wendy Findlay – Headw.findlay@uq.edu.au0733 465 154medicine-program.uq.edu.au/school-of-clinical-medicine/royal-brisbane
Rebecca Magee – Clinical Unit Team Leadercsso_rbwh@uq.edu.au0733 655 258medicine-program.uq.edu.au/school-of-clinical-medicine/royal-brisbane
Rebecca Aller – Executive Assistantr.aller@uq.edu.au  
UQRCS Rockhampton Clinical Unit
Dr Sunday Pamsunday.pam@uq.edu.au07 4931 2922rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
General enquiriesuqrcs.rockhampton@uq.edu.au07 49 99 2999rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
UQRCS Toowoomba Clinical Unit
Dr Doogie Whitcombe– Director and Deputy Head of Schoold.whitcombe@uq.edu.au07 4633 9765rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
Ass/Prof Sri Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan – Director Researchs.kondalsamychennakes@uq.edu.au07 4616 5494rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
General enquiriesuqrcs.toowoomba@uq.edu.au0746 33 9700rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
UQRCS Bundaberg Clinical Unit
Dr Therese Ryant.ryan3@uq.edu.au07 4130 1904rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
General enquiriesuqrcs.bundaberg@uq.edu.au07 4130 1900rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
UQRCS Hervey Bay Clinical Unit
Ass/Prof Dr Riitta Partanen –  Head of Schoolr.partanen@uq.edu.au07 4194 4807rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
Rudi Prasad - Directorrudi.prasad@uq.edu.au07 4194 4809rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
General enquiriesuqrcs.herveybay@uq.edu.au07 4194 4800rcs.medicine.uq.edu.au
Ochsner Clinical School
Courtney Zellner - Coordinatorcourtney.zellner@ochsner.org(+1) 504 842 3144medicine-program.uq.edu.au/ochsner-clinical-school
Ass/Prof Leonardo Seoane – Headlseoane@ochsner.org or l.seoane@uq.edu.au(+1) 504 842 2526medicine-program.uq.edu.au/ochsner-clinical-school