The UQ Faculty of Medicine offers a unique opportunity to directly influence medical student support.

The Faculty is launching a support initiative which assigns students entering into the medical program with a Personal Advisor. Personal Advisors have a significant and valuable role to play in guiding and shaping the experience of medical students 1:1.

The role also contributes to fostering a broader sense of community among medical students, academics and clinicians which will have a lasting impact into the future.

The Personal Advisor role

The Personal Advisor is a key point of contact and support for their allocated medical students. Their key roles in supporting students are to:

  • Provide guidance for students to adjust to life at UQ
  • Meet with students to “check in” regarding academic progress and wellbeing
  • Offer individualised support should difficulties arise
  • Provide positive support and encouragement
  • Encourage an appropriate work-life balance, healthy behaviours and extra-curricular activities
  • Recommend other input or support services if required

Personal Advisors should meet or speak with students at least three times a year (four times in year 1). 

Personal Advisors are not required to be experts in the medical program content or structure to be eligible.

Limits to the role

The role does not extend to reviewing students work or providing detailed course related advice or specific personal advice.


We would invite you to join our Personal Advisor Network if you are:

  • An academic with experience of working with medical students
  • An Academic Title Holder
  • A clinician or medical practitioner
  • A researcher in the field of medicine

Senior Personal Advisors

Each clinical site will have a Senior Personal Advisor who can provide assistance and support to Personal Advisors. The Senior Personal Advisor can be contacted when there are concerns about a student or you need help troubleshooting issues.

Personal Advisor Rural Network (PARN)

The Personal Advisor Rural Network (PARN) has been set up with the specific purpose of supporting and encouraging UQ Students in the rural environment. It has the additional aim of orientating students to rural and remote communities and medicine, and supporting rural origin students.

Medical Student Support Strategy

The Personal Advisor Network is a critical component of our Medical Student Support Strategy. It will enable a 1:1 opportunity for our students to connect with a more senior colleague as they enter and progress through the Medical Program. The hope is that this will provide a personal connection point and an enhanced sense of community for our students. Along with other initiatives, it will help students transition into the program and set students off on the right path from the outset.


Development for Personal Advisors

Personal Advisors have a diversity in experience and development needs. Development opportunities will be offered for Personal Advisors via on-line modalities and face-to-face.