Changing your HDR program

Any change of program will alter the length of your candidature and scholarship timelines to align with your new program. Please discuss your change of program with your HLO before submitting your request.

Change from MPhil to PhD

If you are a confirmed MPhil candidate, you may apply to change program before MCR.

Information required to support your request

  1. Evidence that your advisory team and Director of Research Training (DRT) have discussed the program change and support it;
  2. Evidence that your research project is of sufficient scope to meet the requirements for the new program;
  3. An adjusted timeline to ensure completion is within the new program duration.


  • Student must have completed Confirmation Milestone
  • Student must not have completed Mid Candidature Review
  • Student must submit an upgrade form via my.UQ. Committee recommendation is not enough; we need the form
  • Student is required to do PhD Confirmation by 1-year mark Full Time from commencing MPhil. 
    • Sometime this can be a reduced version of the milestone so talk to your DRT or HLO to seek advice and permission.  A reduced version would still require a new S1 and updated milestone documents but may waive the need for a presentation.  It is not possible to combine the MPhil and PhD confirmation milestone
  • Graduate School Scholarships usually will extend to match the PhD
  • Local or external scholarship may not extend, the Graduate School Team will seek confirmation from the funding body or individually.  It is worth talking to your sponsor prior to applying to avoid surprises.
  • Upgrade does not reset candidature, time spent on the MPhil is still counted