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Aim of project

To develop a strategy and proposal for an Employability Program within the Faculty of Medicine for all students (domestic and international) that will provide opportunities and support for students to enhance their employability and be ready to begin their contribution to the improvement of health and medicine in their community and be impactful throughout their careers.

The project team will consult with key stakeholders to develop an employability strategy and establish ongoing work programs to provide comprehensive opportunities to develop workplace awareness, workplace skills, attributes and industry insight by expanding work integrated learning and student employability opportunities. 

Why are we undertaking this project?

The UQ Student Strategy 2016–2020 is founded on feedback from the 2015 Student Strategy Green Paper.  It was identified that UQ has set a path towards a significant investment in students’ development and defined one of the aims to expand employability programs to provide greater mentorship, careers advice, industry experience and start-up opportunities (UQ Student Strategy 2016-2020 White Paper p. 5).

The Faculty of Medicine Executive Team supports embedding an employability program faculty wide that will produce graduates that will be deeply competent in their elected disciplines and equipped with the mix of cultural, professional and personal skills that will make them natural leaders whatever the level of their participation in their work environment.  It will provide a range of offerings, responsive to students' learning aspirations and needs, and recognising that an individual's working life will evolve over time.

What are we going to do?

  • Develop and implement stakeholder consultation and communications plan. 
  • Undertake an environmental scan to identify employability development opportunities.
  • Establish baseline metrics to gauge overall success of the project.
  • Embed the UQ Student Employability Framework across the four pillars of awareness, experiences, learning and transfer into the Faculty of Medicine approach to employability.
  • Develop a strategy and proposal to implement an Employability Program within the Faculty of Medicine including Alumni and industry engagement for Bachelor of Health Sciences, Post Graduate Course Work, Higher Research Degree and ongoing programs.
  • Complete an Implementation Plan for the Employability Program at the Faculty of Medicine for 2018.

Who is part of the project team?

Associate Professor Geoff Marks  Executive Sponsor 
Helen Spindler Project Sponsor
Lynette Dawson Project Coordinator
Anna Richards Project Technical Lead





Skill sets, understandings and personal attributes that make graduates more likely to attain lifelong employment success, as distinct from employment (i.e. getting a job). Student employability at UQ is predicated on experiential learning plus reflection that translates learning experiences into employability outcomes. Both curricular and extra-curricular extension opportunities across the university are essential to UQ’s model of employability.                     

Work Integrated Learning

Learning experiences that explicitly integrate theory with practice within a purposefully designed curriculum to foreground employability.