End of Year Item

Medicine Finance Due Date

Invoice Payments and Claims

For all items received by the 29th November 2019, the Finance team will guarantee to have any invoice that is to be paid through Unifi, and any student or non-staff reimbursement through to Payables by their deadline of COB 06/12/2019.  Payables will then guarantee to process these invoices/student and non-staff expense reimbursements received by this deadline. 

29 November 2019


**Please note:  This does not mean that the invoice will be paid in 2019. Invoices will only be paid when they are fully matched and due for payment according to the terms as set in the University's Supplier Master File, eg 30 days from invoice date


International Travel forms, and domestic/international travel card loads submitted by COB 29/11/2019 are guaranteed to be processed by the Finance team before the FBS deadline of 6/12/2019 will be issued in 2019 (provided there are no outstanding reconciliations)

29 November 2019


The Finance team will guarantee that all staff Expense Claims submitted for approval by COB 6th December 2019 will be compliance reviewed and approved. 

6 December 2019

The EMS team will then guarantee that all staff Expense Claims which are fully approved in EMS ProMaster by 13/12/2019 will be paid in 2019. 

This excludes travel allowances for approved travel in 2020.

Supplier Master Data

Enterprise Procurement will guarantee to process any requests for supplier creation, re-activation or amendment, in 2019, subject to satisfactory completion of independent verification checks.

6 December 2019

Final Travel card load

13 December 2019

Final Invoice Dispatch for 2019 – 6pm. Invoices raised after this time will be dated 02/01/2020

13 December 2019

Purchase Orders approved and dispatched by 31/12/2019 will have a 2019 commitment date, Purchase Orders approved and dispatched in 2020 will have a 2020 commitment date. All goods and services received in 2019 need to be goods receipted by 31/12/2019 for the cost to appear in 2019.

18 December 2019