1.      Mark directly into BB

Instructions for how to mark directly into BB are provided here: https://elearning.uq.edu.au/guides/tests-and-pools/mark-test-questions

2.      Download responses from BB into an excel spreadsheet

This method gives you the option to allocate particular questions or students to markers more easily. However, does require you as the CC to:

  • download responses and keep a copy of the raw data
  • clean the responses
  • distribute questions to each marker (or mark yourself as is appropriate given the size of the assessment)
  • compile responses from each marker into one excel file
  • return the completed/marked excel spreadsheet to the T&A for upload to BB and imark

Instructions/steps on how to do this are provided here:

  • Go to grade centre, click the down arrow next for the relevant exam column or the assessment of choice
  • Select download results, comma, by user, all attempts.

These options should give you students who needed multiple attempts at the exam (rather than just one). Students will have one row for each of their attempts.

  • You will need to clean the responses of HTML. Do this using the ‘find and replace’ function. In the Find section enter: <*> and in the replace section add a space or leave it blank. Then select replace all. That takes out all the HTML in <>.
  • Save the file as an excel file, rather than CSV.
  • Then you can sort alphabetically, choose only columns for a particular question you want to mark, and add in the columns for marking the different parts of the question.
  • Note: when compiling the responses from each marker, please ensure your students are sorted the same way in each excel file so the allocated marks correspond with the correct student.