Histology bookings

  • Histology services and equipment

SBMS resources - BookIt

The School has now moved the rest of its critical resources (meeting rooms, autoclaves) onto the new UQ BookIt system, active from Monday 25th May. The meeting room 409A has already been on this system since the end of last year and has worked well as a trial. We are therefore now moving fully across to the new system with our other resources. Note that this however excludes bookings for the Histology Lab equipment which remains on the old system for the time being.

To navigate to these resources:

  1. Log into BookIt: http://uqbookit.uq.edu.au/
  2. Select Medicine Resources
  3. Select School of Biomedical Sciences
  4. Choose the required resource by clicking on it and then clicking on the required date and time.

PPMS bookings

  • IPF services and equipment
  • Imaging services and equipment
  • Analytical services and equipment
  • Centrifuges