The role of the Equity and Diversity Committee is to identify and address cultural and professional challenges facing women, members of the LGBTQIA community, underrepresented minorities, and people with disabilities within our School, and to advise the Head of School on such matters. 

Terms of Reference

  1. Assess the professional and social culture of the School, and propose changes to school policies and procedures to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment.
  2. Develop and deploy recruitment procedures for improving the School’s gender balance and inclusion of minorities, especially at senior levels.
  3. Assess and suggest amendments to the school’s mentorship and assessment procedures to support equitable probation and promotion processes.
  4. Seek opportunities to support students from underrepresented minorities, and especially from the indigenous community, including the provision of mentorship and financial support.
  5. Ensure a supportive environment for people with disabilities, in consultation with UQ Disability Services.
  6. Provide advice and support to Faculty of Medicine and UQ Central efforts toward equity and diversity, through the Faculty of Medicine’s ED&I committee, the UQ SAGE SAT, and other relevant UQ committees.


Niwanthi Rajapakse
Rebecca Lush
Laura Fenlon


To enquire about minutes of meetings, please contact the Committee Chair directly.

Women in SBMS coffee gathering

In an effort to provide better mentoring support for female academics within SBMS, the SBMS Equity and Diversity Committee organises Coffee Gatherings where EMCRs within the school can interact informally with more senior female scientists on a regular basis. The goal is for young female scientists to learn from past experience of senior academics and discuss any particular challenges they may be facing today.