The role of the Facilities and Research Infrastructure Subcommittee is to oversee the strategic direction of the School’s research facilities and ensure that services meet the current and future research needs of the School community.  It provides advice and puts recommendations to the Research Committee for consideration. 

Terms of Reference

  1. Identify and delineate the types of equipment in SBMS, and develop recommendations for and strategies to fund the care and custodianship and replacement/ upgrading of each group of equipment.
  2. Liaise with School based researchers and identify current and future research facility needs.
  3. Define and review the roles and expectations of Facility managers and of students and staff using the Core facilities.
  4. Develop and maintain a strategic five-year plan for the evolution and development of SBMS shared research facilities, including Core research facilities, to meet future research needs.
  5. Develop and review strategies to ensure that:
    1. new users are adequately trained in the appropriate use of shared equipment,
    2. facility staff are supported in their decision-making and day-to-day tasks,
    3. all equipment is maintained in a manner that maximises its usage life, and
    4. researchers can access the equipment they require, within a reasonable timeframe, to achieve their research aims.
  6. Review and recommend pricing to ensure the Core facilities remain viable and affordable for client groups.
  7. Identify significant or recurring issues and recommend solutions.


Brittany Campbell
Shaun Walters
James Fraser
Darryl Whitehead
Sean Millard
Dominic Ng
Oliver Rawashdeh
Melissa Reichelt
Pureum (Caroline) Kim, Student representative
Nemat Kahn
Tim Forrest
Jennifer Outhwaite
James Fraser
Sally Martin


To enquire about minutes of meetings, please contact the Committee Chair directly.

Meeting minutes 16 April 2019

Meeting minutes 21 May 2019

Meeting minutes 19 June 2019

Meeting minutes 2 August 2019