The role of the International Committee is to provide a forum to discuss and advance the School’s international engagement. This includes research and education partnerships, international student and staff support, international student cohorts and diversity, and curriculum internationalisation.

Terms of Reference

  1. Develop and implement an international strategy, supported by an international plan for SBMS, ensuring that it is aligned with UQ International and Global Engagement, as well as Faculty of Medicine strategic directions.
  2. Recommend, support and review research and/or educational partnerships.
  3. Promote global citizenship and social accountability.
  4. Enhance research and education, and help strengthen the school’s reputation.
  5. Visualise the school’s international activities



Stefan Thor


Chen Chen

Taylor Dick

Tim Forrest

Anita Kelly

Nykola Kent

Peter Noakes

Johan Rosengren

Jana Vukovic


To view minutes of meetings, please contact the Committee Chair directly