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key changes:

need to justify the selected level (EL1/2 and L1-3) according to time post PhD

use gender neutral language - e.g. maternity leave becomes parental leave etc to avoid gender bias

application-central review, i.e. more specialist reviewers than previously

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3 Mar 21

31 Mar 21
L'Oreal Australia and NZ

Fellowship for women in Science (5 available each year)

For more info see

The fields of research are life sciences (including medical sciences), physical sciences, computer science, engineering and mathematics. Psychology, science education and social sciences are not eligible for this Fellowship.

<5 years post PhD

  • 1 year, $25k
  • Media training
  • Media engagement

1 Mar 21

(outcomes announced June 2021)

Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation

Al and Val Rosenstrauss Fellowships (ECR and MCR)

You must have a research focus that aims to improve understanding or treatment of a disease/condition in one of the following areas of medical research, including:

- Brain Sciences: Psychiatry or Neurology (excluding dementias)

- Endocrinology (excluding Diabetes)

- Geriatrics (excluding Dementias)

- Lung disease (other than cancer)

You are eligible if you have a Phd and:

don't hold, or have not held, a federally funded grant (from Australia and internationally) as Chief Investigator A (CIA); CIB or below are permitted to apply.

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

ECR (academic level A,B,C allowed)

5-10 years post PhD; $120k per year salary contribution + $50k per year RSP, for 5 years


MCR (academic level D, E allowed)

10-15 years post PhD;

$220k per year salary + $50k per year RSP, for 5 years


Mar 22





30 April 21



21 August 21

Heart Foundation

Future Leader Fellows are emerging leaders; the best and brightest in cardiovascular research. Being awarded a fellowship will allow a researcher to build their research capacity, as they become leaders of research groups. In 2021, the Heart Foundation has expanded eligibility criteria to include researcher up to 15 years post-PhD.


The Postdoctoral Fellowship encourages and supports early career cardiovascular health researchers to develop research skills and independence from an early stage.

Eligibility includes:

must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident or have applied for Australian permanent residency at the time of application.

are expected to have spent at least two years actively contributing to cardiovascular research

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

future leaders:

3 levels - up to 4 years

stipend +40-50k support per year depending on level

postdoctoral fellowship:

2 years salary funding ($75k per year)

Early career: <3 years post PhD award


future leaders:

30 April 2021



14 May 21

Viertel Charitable Foundation

Senior Medical Research Fellowship

Outstanding researchers who are medically qualified, or graduates of another scientific discipline with recognised post-doctoral achievements, seeking to establish a research career in Australia and undertake research in an Australia academic institution are eligible to apply whether or not they are currently working in Australia. Application will be judged on the basis of merit and excellence in competition with other applications.

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

5 years, $250k pa


30 April 2021


Successful applicants will need to be able to demonstrate how their proposed research will contribute to the future growth and prosperity of Australia in at least one of the following priority areas:

•Enabling positive social change;

•Technology and innovation; and

•Strengthening the ties between Australia and Asia.

Non-medical as per ARC rules

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.


Early Career:

(Phd between 1.9.2014 and 1.9.2017)


 $400k 3 years


June 2021

Snow Medical Research Foundation

Snow Fellowship

Snow Fellowships target emerging global research leaders that show the potential to drive, manage and influence the next generation of health and medical innovation. The Fellowship provides these emerging leaders the independence, funding and time to develop a bold research program, build their research team, and establish leadership experience.
Each Snow Fellowship will be valued at approximately $8 million over eight years for eligible early to mid-career researchers. Fellowship funding will be available to set up and operate a research laboratory, comprising salaries for the Snow Fellow and post doctoral researchers, PhD student scholarship top-ups, technical and laboratory management support, project funds and leadership development.
The Snow Fellowship program supports ambitious research and high performing teams, and we believe that these are based on diversity, inclusivity and gender equality.
For more information see:

applicants need to have 5-10 years post-doc experience

up to $1M per year for 8 years

UQ internal EOI Form and CV due to Faculty COB Friday 4th June 2021

UQ is allowed 4 applications

7 July 2021
Advance QLD

The Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships program supports researchers undertaking original work that will have a positive impact on Queensland. A key purpose of the program is to attract and keep talented researchers in Queensland, and to develop the professional careers of early and mid-career researchers.

9 Investment areas, including:

  • improving health care services through precision medicine, tele-health and smart devices
  • utilising robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems (including drones) in Queensland’s priority industries

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

Industry – fellowships

Early-career (<5 years post phD): $240k over 3 years

Mid-career (5-10 post PhD): $360k over 3 years

  • UQ Research and Innovation (UQ R&I) Information Session:  9 June 2021
  • UQ Research and Innovation (UQ R&I) Notification of Intent: 14 June 2021
  • Full Applications and UQ Cash Commitments due to UQ R&I: 21 June 2021
19 July 21, 1:00pm

CSL Centenary Fellowships aim to support outstanding early to mid-career researchers to consolidate a research career in Australia and undertake research at an Australian Institution. Applications aimed at discovery and translational research with a focus on rare and serious diseases, immunology and or inflammation are encouraged.

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

4-10 years post PhD

5 years $250k per year

  31 July 2021

Dementia Australia

Post-doctoral Fellowships for new and early-career researchers (<3 years post phd), across the broad areas of dementia prevention or treatment

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

up to $110k salary and $75k research expenses for 3 years   TBA

MND Australia

Postdoctoral scientists with a track record in areas of neuroscience related to MND and no more than three years postdoctoral research experience. Applicants must be Australian citizens or have permanent resident status.

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

$100k pa salary for up to 3 years

  August TBA
ARC Laureate Fellowships


UQ information:

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

senior fellowship,

$2,071,992.00 to $3,671,992.00

up to 5 years

  27 October 2021
Brightfocus Foundation
Alzheimer's Disease Research Program

For more info see

Postdoctoral fellowship awards are intended for young researchers in their final stages of mentored training. These awards fund projects in an established laboratory that will serve as the basis for the applicant's own independent research career.

Postdoctoral Fellowships are available to junior and senior postdoctoral fellows, who are within 5 years of doctoral degree conferral (or the end of their residency).

Although preliminary data is required for all awards, BrightFocus considers its awards as “pilot funding”. BrightFocus prefers to fund innovative proposals for which there are few alternative sources of funding, and to support the ability of investigators to generate the data needed to receive governmental or other third-party funding after the expiration of the BrightFocus award.


Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

$200,000 for up to 2 years   Nov - TBA

GrantConnect (GO3074):

UQ info:

non-medical as per ARC policy:

restricted to a total of 2 application attempts

Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

have an award of PhD date on, or after 1 March 2017 (unless you have career interruptions),

3- year salary and project funding (up to $50k)

total estimate:

$312,948.00 to $462,948.00

  17 Nov 21
ARC Future Fellowships




Interested in applying? Email Uli and Brittany to let them know.

<15 years post PhD

PhD date 1/3/2007 - 1/3/2017

Salary + 60k per year for 4 years

  8 Dec 2021