Safety committees and consultation

The Faculty of Medicine maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Committee structured and operating according to the requirements stipulated in the PPL document (PPL 2.10.01) Faculty/Institute Occupational Health and Safety Committees.

These committees are an integral part of the implementation of the University's Occupational Health and Safety Policy (PPL 2.10.03) and promote and facilitate co-operation between staff, students and management in the development and implementation of OHS policy, procedures, guidelines and programs at the University.  These committees maintain UQ's obligations for formal consultation according to the Queensland Work Health and Safety Act (2011).

The Faculty's Health and Safety Committee Chairperson may refer significant and enterprise-level issues to the Director of the OHS Division for consideration and may request that Director OHS Division reports on matters to the Vice-Chancellor’s Risk and Compliance Committee.

The Faculty's OHS Committees are responsible for ensuring circulation of meeting minutes to all staff within their area of coverage. The minutes of these meetings, and the supplementary OHS report documents are provided in the 'Minutes and Reports' section of this site. The Committees must also provide meeting minutes to the OHS Division.