MD DESIGN continues to be a key strategic initiative for our Faculty.  This is reflected in the active involvement of senior leaders from across the Faculty and more broadly across UQ.   Professor Joanne Wright, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, is our Executive Project Sponsor and Chair of the MD DESIGN Project Steering Committee.  Our Steering Committee also includes other leaders from the Faculty as well as more broadly across UQ and our community.  

Professor Geoff McColl, Executive Dean and Professor Stuart Carney, Medical Dean, are Project Sponsors.  Our Project Working Group is Chaired by the Director of the Office of Medical Education, Professor Kirsty Foster with support from Ms Alexandra Longworth as Project Director.  

We have reviewed our governance structure and work organisation and made some practical changes to reflect the more distributed approach required as part of the Detailed Design.  In particular, a key change is to broaden out the membership of our Project Working Group to include the leads for each working group (our Theme Leads).  To manage the work required for the detailed design, 8 working groups will be established (as per the figure below).   We are currently recruiting both the Theme Leads and working group members. Click here for more information.

In addition, there will be a focus on key enablers including Faculty Development, Finance and Operational Planning and Infrastructure and Technologies as we progress with the detailed design.