From 2022, all graduate entry applicants including domestic (CSP, Rural, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Admissions Pathways), International and UQ-Ochsner pathway, need to have successfully completed the two subject pre-requisites or equivalent courses when enrolling into the MD Program as medical students.
Similarly, provisional entry offer holders need to have successfully completed the two subject prerequisites when enrolling into the MD Program as medical students from 2022 onwards.
Therefore we recommend that in preparation for an application in 2021 all future applicants start planning in 2019.


The two subject prerequisites are:

*or equivalent courses or coursework in your major.

At UQ many undergraduate programs already include these 2 subjects, either as discrete courses or as a part of the program. Students who have completed these programs will have met the subject prerequisites.

Equivalent courses from other institutions which have been assessed as meeting the 2 subject prerequisites can be viewed via the UQ credit precedent database.

Download the MD Prerequisite table (XLSX, 62.3 KB)

For applicants that do not find their course or program listed please contact 

When selecting an undergraduate degree at UQ or elsewhere which does not automatically include these 2 subject prerequisites, the applicant need to check that their chosen undergraduate program allows them to study these 2 subject prerequisites (or equivalents) as an elective. 

Other recommendations:

As a supportive measure for all future medical students, it is also recommended that applicants aim to undertake courses in Biostatistics and Anatomy during their undergraduate degree.