All graduate entry applicants including domestic, international and UQ-Ochsner pathway, need to have successfully completed two subject pre-requisite courses, or equivalent prior studies in cell and tissue biology and systems physiology, within the last 10 years when enrolling into the MD Program.

Similarly, provisional entry offer holders need to successfully complete the two subject prerequisites or equivalent in their undergraduate program prior to commencing the MD program.

Suitable UQ prerequisite courses are:

UQ Subject Prerequisite Courses:
Example equivalent study at UQ:

*or equivalent courses or coursework in your major.

Suitable UQ Programs which meet the MD Prerequisites:

The following list of current UQ programs meet the MD subject prerequisite requirements with no further study required:

Many other UQ undergraduate programs include the prerequisite courses, or a combination of courses throughout the program which are deemed equivalent to meet the MD subject prerequisite requirements. Further information is available on our pathways to medicine page

Equivalent courses or programs at UQ and from other institutions which have been assessed as meeting the MD subject prerequisite requirements can be viewed via the tables below:

Please note these lists should be used as a guide and are not exhaustive. For applicants that do not find their course or program listed please contact:

Domestic Graduate Entry (GEMSAS) Applicants:

Please note GEMSAS applicants must submit their academic transcript(s) to have their subject prerequisites assessed for equivalency to UQ by 1 May in the year of application to ensure they can be assessed in time for the GEMSAS closing date.

International Onshore Applicants: If you are unable to find the course or program that you are currently taking or wish to study on the above tables, we recommend that you use the information provided to identify a possible equivalent course(s) in physiology and cell biology. Your subject prerequisites will be formally assessed after you submit your online application. For further advice on how to apply, contact

MD Ochsner Applicants: Please contact

When selecting an undergraduate degree at UQ or elsewhere which does not include these two subject prerequisites as a core requirement, the applicant needs to check that their chosen undergraduate program covers the required physiology and cell biology to meet the MD prerequisite requirements.  If not, applicants should plan to complete the two subject prerequisites (or equivalents) as an elective. 

Other recommendations:

As a supportive measure for all future medical students, it is also recommended that applicants aim to undertake courses in biostatistics, anatomy and a humanities subject during their undergraduate degree.