All candidates are required to complete formal leadership training. Below is a list of suggested courses, however others may be suitable upon consultation with the Associate Dean (Research). Enrolment for Leadership training will require a separate application to the relevant institution and may incur additional fees.






Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, The University of Queensland

The Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership is a four-course program that will enhance your understanding of the key competencies and skills required for executive career development.

Complete four courses from a wide range of options. Courses cover a diversity of fields, including finance, marketing, strategy, supply chain management, and contemporary issues in leadership.

Benefit from a program that offers a flexible study plan. Because the program has such a large number of courses to choose from, you can tailor your studies to suit your interests, your industry, or your career goals.

Learn from some of the most innovative business educators in Australia and study with people from diverse backgrounds, including professionals from creative, scientific and technical fields.


Half year FT or PT equivalent

Business Leadership (MicroMasters Program)

The University of Queensland

This MicroMasters is intended for people who are interested in becoming effective leaders within their organization. This program and capstone project will teach you the skills needed to inspire your colleagues and to evolve your business.

$1,347.30 USD

Online. 3-10 weeks per course, 5 courses in total.

High Impact Leadership Program

Queensland Health

The High Impact Leadership Program is a new statewide development program for pre-executive level clinicians.

The aim of the program is to build capability to drive a culture of collaboration, service excellence and service improvement.

The program has been designed as a foundation for succession management for senior clinicians to move into future executive roles.

Costs covered by Clinical Excellence Division

6 month program, 3 residential workshops

Learn2Lead for Junior Doctors Leadership Development Program

Clinical Excellence Division, Queensland Government

The Learn2Lead Program is a statewide initiative designed to help prepare junior doctors for challenges they may face in their career by exploring practical strategies and approaches to building resilience and self-care.

Costs covered by Clinical Excellence Division

3 month program, 2 residential workshops

Manage4Improvement Program

Clinical Excellence Division, Queensland Government

The Manage4Improvement program is a six month integrated leadership and management program designed to build the confidence and capabilities of clinicians to support improvements in health service delivery, through gaining a broader understanding of how the health and business systems operate simultaneously.

Costs covered by Clinical Excellence Division

6 months

Step Up Leadership Program


Clinical Excellence Division, Queensland Government

The Step Up Leadership program is a three month state-wide program designed to meet the complex leadership needs of clinicians. The program focuses on developing and strengthening skills you need to supervise, motivate, lead change, and provide effective leadership within a healthcare team. These skills will assist you and your team in providing optimum patient care.

Costs covered by Clinical Excellence Division

3 month program, workshop & online

Mater – Exceptionally Skilled Management Program


Mater’s Exceptionally Skilled Management Program (ESMP) focuses on developing the leaders of Mater’s future. The program is designed to provide Mater with a formal, consistent and robust approach to developing and building the critical middle management level within the organisation, ensuring managers have the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in their roles and to manage the business units under their responsibility. Upon program completion, Mater Education is offers a pathway for interested participants to articulate to a Diploma of Leadership and Management, utilising Recognition of Prior Learning.

Contact Mater Education Unit 07 31638111

12 months

Mater – Emerging Leaders Roundtable


This program will support and enable new managers to Mater (or newly promoted Managers) to develop into their new roles. It is also suitable for experienced managers motivated to further develop existing skills and capabilities, but currently can’t commit to the more intensive ESMP program. Participants in the Emerging Leaders Roundtable will come together for 2 hours, once per month to participate in a coached and facilitated discussion based on the Harvard Business Review text, “Manager’s Handbook – The 17 Skills Leaders Need to Stand Out”. The program also facilitates connections across disciplines, expanding participant networks in the Mater community.

Contact Mater Education Unit 07 31638111

9 months

Metro North





Leadership for Clinicians Training Program: Associate Fellow (AFRACMA)

Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators

This program is specifically tailored with medical management and leadership modules to support the professional development of medical practitioners.  The workshops, online lectures and forums are designed to give medical practitioners fundamental knowledge and practical skills in medical management and leadership. These are the essentials skills that can effectively be incorporated into current working practice.  Sessions are aimed at enabling individuals to enhance their performance and build working confidence and competence in a safe and confidential setting.

$1,281.50 application fee

Module 1 - $4,500

Module 2 - $3,000

Module 3 - $4,500

Intensive workshops

Module 1 – 3 days

Module 2 – 2 days

Module 3 – 3 days