Program Manager: Cheryl Connor (Senior Manager, Business Improvement)

Project Lead: Luminita Vlad (Project Officer - Strategy Office)

What are the key deliverables of this project?

  1. Provide a summary of existing projects underway across the Faculty (i.e. project dashboard) including key information:
    • Description of each project including
      • project name 
      • lead and key contact
      • objectives and benefits
      • indicative timing for completion
      • links to furthe information
  2. Infographic - Visual representation of all projects, identifying links/alignment with other projects.
  3. Communicate the project dashboard to target audiences through agreed communication channels
  4. Map out key steps of this process and resources to maintain, add and remove projects from the Faculty website

What are the benefits?

  1. Better information sharing, leveraging learning and re-use of knowledge across projects to achieve sustained competitive advantage
  2. Greater retention of ‘written corporate knowledge’ and access to information
  3. Raised awareness of projects, and improved potential for positive engagement, contributing to a stronger, more cohesive Faculty culture

What is the indicative timing for completion?

This is a short-term initiative that will be finalised by the end of September 2018.


Where can I find further details about this project?

This information is current as at 19 November 2018 and is intended for information sharing only. For details beyond those available above, governance matters or to raise issues please contact the Project Lead.