The Faculty of Medicine’s Global Strategy aims to guide and support our goal to be the most globally connected biomedical and public health faculty in Australia. To fulfil this goal, we will rely on ‘International Champions’ across our academic and professional networks to lead our teaching, research and engagement efforts in priority regions.

These regions include North America, South East Asia, India, China, and our regional neighbours in the Pacific.




Market Intelligence


Share market intelligence from the region. This may include identifying:

  • Opportunities in teaching and research
  • Areas of concern surrounding existing partnerships/projects
  • Philanthropic, government and industry funding opportunities

Visiting delegations


Provide advice on the strategic value of hosting visiting delegations to UQ.

Participate actively in international visits from partners and potential partners from priority regions

Contribute to student recruitment activities


Use your networks and relationships with institutions, government and non-government organisations to promote our undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree programs to future students and their influencers within the region.

Provide advice and guidance on the value of establishing articulation and partnership agreements with institutions in the region.

Participate in student recruitment meetings and events while travelling to the region and online from Australia.

Support the central university in proactive engagement in the region


Actively contribute to University-wide efforts in the region. This may include:

  • Contributing to briefing documents for the region/country
  • Joining centrally organised meetings at UQ and offshore
  • Supporting offshore advancement activities

Active participation in meetings of the International Champions

Commitment to participate in quarterly meetings chaired by the International Champion (Lead) for your region.

Apply now

To apply to become an International Champion, please email the Faculty of Medicine’s International Manager outlining:

  • The country or region you have links with
  • The institutions or organisations you have links to
  • The nature of these links (research, engagement, teaching or other).

Download position descripton