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HDR Student Day 

HDR students are our next generation of scientists, clinicians and academics who will change the face of healthcare. The HDR student day provided an opportunity for students from across the Faculty to come together to share their work and experiences of studying at UQ.

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Meet Honor, a UQ Medical Leadership Program student

Meet Caitlin, a UQ medical student

Meet Kate, a UQ medical student

Meet Andrew, a UQ medical student

Teddy teachers

UQMS Graduation Ball 2016

After decades working in Information Technology, Joanne Rosenzweig was seeking to change the direction of her career and broaden her professional experience.
Growing up in Devonport in regional Tasmania, Tim Kariotis was surrounded by patchwork countryside, rugged coastline and the fast-flowing Mersey River.
It was while completing her undergraduate studies in immunology and infectious disease that Tin Aeint’s eyes were opened to the disparity in healthcare access across various community sectors.
A little girl growing up on a dairy farm, Lois Riley remembers travelling for hours to see specialists or attend hospital visits.