The Program has a pragmatic approach to governance, resourcing and reporting that is fit for purpose and recognises the need for efficient and effective use of Faculty resources. The Program is being launched in three successive waves over the period March – September 2018; each wave includes a mix of projects in terms of project scale, complexity and time for delivery. Wave 1 projects and Wave 2 Projects have been launched.

The Program is being delivered by cross-Faculty project teams that are led by senior colleagues; Project Leaders are responsible for seeking input from as wider representation from across the Faculty as is practical. We will build on the great work that has already commenced across the Faculty; many of the projects and initiatives already underway have a direct link to our Strategic Plan.

The Program set-up has involved:

  • Identification of potential projects;
  • Scanning across the Faculty and more broadly across UQ to identify existing projects and initiatives;
  • Classification of projects according to project scale and complexity;
  • Allocation of projects into three waves for Program launch to ensure effective use of the Faculty’s resources;
  • Identification of Program and Project roles; and
  • Establishment of a small and agile Program Office that is providing support to enable efficient and consistent project delivery.

A Program Steering Group has been formed to have strategic oversight and carriage of the Program implementation.

Key principles underpinning the Program include:

  • Streamlined governance structures - using existing groups and channels to avoid the overhead of establishing additional arrangements
  • Pragmatic reporting and resourcing that is fit for purpose
  • Empowerment of project teams to put forward clear recommendations
  • Transparency – where practical, key decisions will be communicated in a timely, open and transparent manner
  • Leadership engagement – shared leadership, accountability and commitment