UQ Risk Assessment

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SBMS Generic Risk Assessments

Please note:

These Risk Assessments have been created as a template or a guide.

If you make a copy, it is important to "personalise" it, that is, make sure all information is relevant to the procedure you are performing. If not, you must edit the document accordingly.

711 Autoclave Use
38971 Clerical Duties Admin, Store & Lab Staff
38983 Tissue Culture Techniques
727 General Molecular Biology
38970 Animal Surgery/Handling
38973 Electrophoresis (including DNA, RNA, Protein) / Gel Doc
38974 Electrophysiology
38987 Use of Liquid Nitrogen
38975 Gas Cylinder Handling
38985 Transporting Loads Using Lifts
38984 Transporting LN2 in Lifts
38966 Receiving & Making deliveries
38977 Histology Techniques
38964 Making Laboratory Solutions
13661 Outreach Program - TSXPO, Experience Science
16399 Use of Centrifuges
38961 Working in a Laboratory
38978 Human Tissue Culture Techniques
38969 Acrolein/Paraformaldehyde Perfusions
18834 Use of Ipods & Digital Media Players in the Laboratory
18835 Conducting a Chemical Inventory
38986 SBMS Travel - Marine Fieldwork
19106 SBMS Assessment of Hazards in SBMS to Determine Emergency Requirements
38989 SBMS - Working with low risk GMOs
38991 SBMS - Exemption of Eye Protection when using a Microscope
38990 SBMS - Exemption of Eye Protection when undertaking animal surgical procedures
31354 SBMS - Use of High Power LEDs
38964 SBMS - Making laboratory solutions
25190 SBMS Event or Function
27728 SBMS Handling/Storage of Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods
30157 SBMS - Use of flurostar Plate Reader
38963 SBMS- After Hours Tutorial sessoins in Bld # 69
47175 SBMS - Transport of Gel and safe use of GelDoc Facility

SBMS Travel Risk Assessments

38967 Use of UQ Vehicle for Off Campus Driving City Limits Only
38968 Use of UQ Vehicle for Off Campus Driving - Outside City Limits


Domestic Air Travel


International Air Travel