Researcher biography

Associate Professor is the Associate Dean Indigenous Engagment in the Faculty of Medicine. Associate Professor Toombs holds a Childrens Hospital Foundation Fellowship and leads three NHMRC project grants and is part of a number of other research grants. Her expertise is in mental health amongst Indigenous Australians and exploring the interface between Indigenous and Western research methodologies. Associate Professor Toombs is the chair of Carbal Aboriginal Medical Services, a leading health facilities servicing the Darling Downs region. Associate Professor Toombs sits on a number of National and International committees. Her current role, in addition to research, includes curriculum development. Associate Professor Toombs has >20 years' experience in teaching and developing curriculum with an Indigenous perspective and has published a text book, Indigenous Health perspectives:The wombat in the room', which is widely used in Medical and Health Faculties across Australia. Associate Professor Toombs is the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship that focused on working with Universities in Canada to improve retention rates for Indigenous Students.