Researcher biography

I worked as a doctor first in far North Queensland though the 1990s. I did obstetrics, general practice and other stuff up there. I also did PhD research on Ross River virus, which was fun and interesting and included some mosquito trapping. Since then I've done research and teaching, and worked in medicine including general practice, developmental disability medicine and public health. I helped Queensland Health with the COVID response at Metro South and West Moreton Public Health Units.

I get work as a Senior Staff Specialist in Public Health Medicine with Queensland Health. I'm also doing a BA with the university of Queensland, and intend to major in History and German. I'm supervising Semira Hailu who is working on extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in Africa (she has other supervisors including Claire Nourse, who's principal supervisor, and Adam Irwin). Anna Gibbs has just finished her MPH project which Adam Irwin, Kathleen Falster (UNSW) and I supervised, and we're working on a publication from that on gram negative blood stream infections in Queensland children.

I will supervise some students including Semira Hailu. Anna Gibbs is working on a manuscript on her Masters project, and Anna, Adam Irwin, Kathleen Falster, and other colleagues, and I will get that published. I'd like to develop some work outside science and medicine. I particularly want to keep learning about the history of ideas, particularly science and medicine, and perhaps publish on this.