Program Manager: Julie Campbell (HR Relationships Manager)

Project Lead: EXISTING HR Business Partner

What are the key deliverables of this project?

  1. Develop training and support for leaders and staff members on recruiting for, encouraging and developing a growth mindset

What are the benefits?

  1. Enhanced reputation of engaged, committed and high performing employees will support attraction of quality candidates
  2. Development of pathways to support higher levels of engagement
  3. Engaged and motivated teams, and increased productivity.

What is the indicative timing for completion?

It is anticipated this project will commence in November 2018 to be completed and rolled out Faculty-wide by end of March 2019.

Where can I find further details about this project?

This information is current as at 24 September 2018 and is intended for information sharing only. For details beyond those available above, governance matters or to raise issues please contact the Project Lead