Principal Advisor: Professor Mark Morrison


Phone: +61 07 3443 6957

Research group: Morrison Group - Microbial biology and metagenomics

This PhD project aims to provide a deep functional understanding of recently discovered microbes from the Domain Archaea that inhabit the digestive tracts of native Australian herbivores, humans, and other animals. In consultation with the supervisory team, the successful applicant will develop a research plan that brings novel Archaeal taxa to life via metagenomics. The person will also use our globally unique collection of bioresources and innovations in molecular microbiology research, to help define the roles of Archaea in the low methane carbon economy of native Australian herbivores. Very little is known about the genetics and biology of methanogen x host specificity in all these animals. This project will help address the knowledge gaps and support the development of new strategies relevant to the health, population dispersal, and conservation of these iconic animal species. The knowledge gains from this project are also expected to provide new opportunities relevant to medicine and agriculture. As such, the project's national benefits are both timely and broad, and should be of interest to applicants with interests in natural sciences, medicine, or agriculture. A PhD scholarship is available for this project.