Principal Advisor: Professor Paul Clarke


Phone: +61 7 3443 7900

Organisational unit: UQ Diamantina Institute

Chromosome instability is a hallmark of cancer, and the loss or gain of chromosomes due to defects in chromosome segregation during mitosis is thought to be an important event in the initiation of cancer and other genetic diseases. We are investigating the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control mitosis and which initiate mitotic cell death if the process is not completed successfully. Mitotic cell death is closely related to the process of apoptosis and it is promoted by anti-microtubule cancer drugs or by DNA damage induced by chemotherapy or radiation. We will identify the proteins that regulate mitotic cell death and their regulation by protein phosphorylation and ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis. This project will improve our understanding of how cancer develops and it may allow us to develop new strategies to improve cancer therapy.