Principal Advisor: Professor Amanda Lee


Phone: 0412 975 197

Organisational unit: School of Public Health

Poor diet is the leading preventable risk factor contributing to the burden of disease globally and in Australia, and is inequitably distributed. As the price of healthy foods is a perceived barrier to improved diets, evidence on the cost and affordability of current (unhealthy) and recommended (healthy, more equitable and sustainable) diets is required to support improved policy action. This project is aligned with the work of a global network of public-interest organisations and researchers that aims to monitor, benchmark and support public and private sector actions to increase healthy food environments and reduce obesity and NCDs and their related inequalities, the International Network for Food and Obesity / Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) Research, Monitoring and Action Support (INFORMAS). There is an opportunity to support many countries requesting input from INFORMAS (including Ghana, Iran, Slovenia, UK, USA) by tailoring and applying our validated methods to assess the cost, cost differential and affordability of current and recommended diets, and inform relevant policy actions in these countries.