Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Tracy Comans


Phone: 07 3346 5345

Research group: Health economics research and modelling unit

Organisational unit: Centre for Health Services Research

People living with dementia require services from multiple providers, across all care settings. While the ultimate care objective of providers is the better quality of care for the care recipients, interventions and care models delivered in different settings and for different populations involve a wide range of measures and instruments to report similar outcomes or events. To compare the clinical and economic values of interventions, it is essential to have core outcome measures that are meaningful and applicable across settings. This PhD project will explore the core outcomes used for economic analysis and the evaluation of interventions and care models for people with dementia. Datasets will be drawn from international partners for comparison with Australian data. The economic core outcomes will cover both health and quality of life outcomes and resource utilisation measures. This project is part of an MRFF grant with international partners and will be conducted with a co-supervisor from Trinity College, Dublin.