Principal Advisor: Dr Sherry Wu


Phone: 07 3365 2785

Research group: Wu Lab - Cancer therapeutics

Organisational unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

This project focuses on developing clinically translatable tumour-targeted delivery systems for nucleic acid-based therapeutics (e.g., CRISPR, siRNA). SiRNA, a short double stranded RNA, represents an attractive means to mediate down-regulation of target genes. Unlike conventional small molecule inhibitors or monoclonal antibodies, siRNA is highly specific to its target and has a much wider clinical applicability as its use is not limited to targeting ligands or kinases. Several early phase trials have reported clinical responses in cancer patients after RNAi therapy. However, the reported spleen, liver, and immune-related toxicities mediated by the synthetic delivery systems that are used to deliver these siRNAs must be overcome before RNAi therapeutics can meet the standards for clinical use. To address this need, our laboratory is developing a novel and biocompatible delivery strategy using naturally occurring exosomes that are highly efficient in delivering their cargo to tumours. Being natural transporters, exosomes are less likely to exert toxicity or elicit immune responses. Using these natural transporters, we aim to deliver therapeutics to tumours more safely and efficiently.