Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Johan Rosengren


Phone: 07 3365 1403

Research group: Rosengren Group - Peptide structural biology

Organisational unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

We have recently described a cyclic plant peptide with a unique structure. PDP-23 is chameleonic in that it can alter its conformation based on its environment, burying hydrophobic residues in water but exposing them in hydrophobic environments such as membranes. Conjugation of PDP-23 to a substrate for the multidrug resistance efflux pump P-glycoprotein resulted in an inhibitor of this important target, which many chemoresistant cancer cells over express. Co-administration of PDP-23 conjugates with chemotherapeutics re-sensitises such otherwise resistant cells. In this project we look to optimise cell uptake, conjugation strategies and cancer targeting abilities of novel peptides utilising the PDP-23 scaffold.