Principal Advisor: Dr Sherry Wu


Phone: 07 3365 2785

Research group: Wu Lab - Cancer therapeutics

Organisational unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal form of gynaecologic malignancy with 5-year survival rate of only 35-40%. The high recurrence rate presents a major challenge in the clinical management of high grade serous ovarian cancer. While stimulating our own immune system to recognise and attack tumour cells represents an attractive means to facilitate complete elimination of tumours, emerging data suggest that many of the immunotherapy tools have promising but limited effects in ovarian cancer. To address this unmet need, the PhD project will focus on developing novel strategies to enhance anti-tumour immunity in ovarian cancer.

We will utilise systems-based approach combined with RNA interference technology to target clinically important immune suppressive factors with the goal of enhancing cytotoxic T-cell functions in ovarian tumours. Ultimately, the ability to effectively stimulate the immune system to attack tumour cells could significantly improve outcomes of women with ovarian cancer. The technology we develop can also be applied for treatment of other cancer types. More information can be found here.