Principal Advisor: Dr Julie Wixey


Research group page: Perinatal Research Centre

Organisational unit: UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Fetal growth restriction is where a baby fails to grow normally in the womb. The fetal brain is vulnerable to this condition and life-long disabilities in these infants include schooling and behavioural issues through to cerebral palsy. Currently there is no treatment to protect the growth restricted newborn from these adverse outcomes. This project will examine two promising treatments (stem cells and ibuprofen) to protect the growth restricted newborn brain. This research will greatly assist in the development and implication of treatments to improve life-long outcomes for growth restricted children. A PhD opportunity is available for a student with an Honours/Masters degree in neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology or a related field to join the Perinatal Research Centre, UQ Centre for Clinical Research. The successful candidate will work on an exciting research project focused on neuroprotective therapies to reduce adverse brain outcomes following fetal growth restriction in a preclinical large animal model of growth restriction.