Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Nick Osborne


Phone: 0431 854 846

Organisational unit: School of Public Health

Food allergy, atopy and asthma risk is affected by environment of child. The study aims to move beyond examining the prevalence and risks of asthma exacerbation to tackle the underlying reason for the significant increase in this disease during the 1980-90s (Weiss and Wagener 1990, Taylor, Comino et al. 1997, Beasley 2002). A similar rise in food allergy has been witnessed globally in high income countries (Prescott and Allen 2011, Mullins, Dear et al. 2015) but limited evidence in LMICs (Hoyos-Bachiloglu, Escobar et al. , Loh and Tang 2018). While asthma and atopy are complex diseases with both genetic and environmental influences, both have increased in a short time suggesting the increase is due to environmental factors.