Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Jason Ferris


Research group page: Global substance use and mental health

Organisational unit: Centre for Health Services Research

The Global Drug Survey is the largest survey of drug users around the world. We have annual data spanning 2013-2021 (with almost 1,000,000 records). Each year, respondents from over 30 countries have completed survey on their drug use: ever, last 12 months and recent use. We have data on over 100 different types of drugs: on the less typical drugs (e.g., ketamine, and many Novel Psychoactive Substances) and the more common drugs, for example cocaine, methamphetamines, cannabis and synthetic cannabis, and alcohol. If you are interested in drug and alcohol research, this project is for you. We are looking for a highly motivated scholar to prepare one journal article using GDS data. The topic will be decided based on your interests and current relevant topics. If you want to know more see