Principal Advisor: Professor Mark Morrison


Phone: +61 07 3443 6957

Research group: Morrison Group - Microbial biology and metagenomics

Organisational unit: UQ Diamantina Institute

Methane matters in animals and man. You will be part of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project between the University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute (Professor Mark Morrison) and Australian Centre for Ecogenomics (Dr Rochelle Soo and Dr Paul Evans). The person will use a combination of (meta)genomics and other molecular microbiology approaches to produce a deep functional understanding of recently discovered microbes from the Domain Archaea that inhabit the digestive tracts of humans, native Australian herbivores, and other animals. You will develop a research plan that brings novel Archaeal taxa to life via metagenomics, as well as use our globally unique collection of gut methanogens to help define the roles of Archaea that co-evolved with humans and animals to support their nutrition and health. The project should be of interest to those persons with career interests in basic and translational research relevant to medicine, agriculture, and environmental sciences.