Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Severine Navarro


Phone: 07 3362 0487

Organisational unit: QIMR Berghofer, School of Biomedical Sciences

Diet is the major factor to influence microbiome composition and function. It is absolutely critical during pregnancy and the neonatal period as it plays an important role in the development/severity of major immune-mediated chronic inflammatory diseases, such as allergic diseases and asthma. Here we propose to investigate the cellular mechanisms that underpin immune education in the neonatal period by better understanding how diet modifies the microbiome and microbiome-derived metabolites and immune cell function. You will be trained in experimental models of diseases like asthma and food allergy, Flow cytometry and fluorescence imaging to visualise and characterise immune cells. You will also be trained in metagenomic sequencing and metabolomic analysis to identify the impact of diet on the microbiome.