Principal Advisor: Professor Kirsty Foster OAM


Phone: 07 3346 4846

Organisational unit: Office of Medical Education

This project offers the right candidate a unique opportunity to conduct medical education research during the major MD Program redesign currently underway at UQ. MD Programs provide students with the education needed to obtain a primary medical qualification and to be provisionally registered as a doctor. They are large and complex with many hundreds of stakeholders including students. This project examines stakeholder engagement during major curriculum change. Potential research areas are: the effective engagement processes; the factors influencing content, pedagogical approach, high level design and degree of innovation of the new program; and the effectiveness of student involvement in curricular redesign. There is opportunity to prospectively collect data on enablers and inhibitors to implementation of the program into academic and clinical settings including opportunity to compare experiences and outcomes between Rural Queensland and metro Brisbane. This is primarily a qualitative study suitable for students interested in contributing to promoting high quality medical education.