Principal Advisor: Dr Fekade Sime


Phone: 07 3346 5023

Research group: CRE REDUCE

Organisational unit: UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been declared by the WHO as one of the top ten public health threats facing humanity. In the absence of effective antimicrobials, simple infections can progress into life threatening complications, and potentially spread across the world. There is an increasingly high chance that AMR may lead to the next pandemic with existential treat to humanity. It therefore requires urgent and multisectoral action to avert the potentially catastrophic consequences. Whilst discovery of new drugs with novel mechanisms is one primary part of the solution for the future, the lengthy drug development process means that additional quick solutions to minimise and contain AMR are urgently needed. This project aims to provide a timely solution by optimising the use of existing antibiotics thought the design of novel regimens of antibiotics alone, or in two or multi-drug combinations.