Principal Advisor: Dr Fekade Sime


Phone: 07 3346 5023

Research group: CRE REDUCE

Organisational unit: UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT) is increasing in scope and usage due to literature supporting its safety, patient acceptability, and efficacy. However, in a community scenario, prolonged exposure of the antibiotic in an aqueous solution to ambient conditions increases the likelihood of drug degradation. Consequently, there is uncertainty and lack of confidence for clinicians to use some antibiotics in an OPAT program. In Australia, there is a heightened concern due to the relatively high ambient temperature conditions. In this project, we aim to address drug stability problems associated with the use of antibiotic infusions in the community, to support clinical decision making and appraisal of dosing guidelines. The project will involve, performing in vitro and a “real-life” stability studies, designing novel formulation strategies that enhance drug stability, clinical pharmacokinetic study evaluating dosing adequacy, and using innovative mathematical modelling to provide dosing solutions.