Principal Advisor: Dr Christy Noble


Phone: 0410 943 148

Organisational unit: Office of Medical Education

Effective feedback by supervisors and peers is necessary for medical practitioners to improve their practice. Despite much evidence describing best feedback practices, variation in enactments of feedback in clinical settings results in missed opportunities for performance improvement. Tailored methods of implementing feedback evidence into practice, informed by better understanding of the barriers and enablers to effective feedback, may reduce this variation and improve practice. Implementation science is a relatively new approach which provides tools for enhancing uptake of evidence into practice. It has used both within clinical practice and in school-based education programs. However, there are few published examples of its application in clinical education. This project will apply implementation science tools and methods to enhance feedback practices in clinical settings. Using mixed methods, the PhD candidate will:

  • Conduct a systematic literature review of feedback practices in medical education
  • Determine barriers and facilitators to effective feedback practices in the workplace
  • Develop tailored implementation strategies to enhance feedback practices
  • Evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the implementation strategies.

With experienced supervisors in medical education and implementation science, this project will result in high-quality research outputs including publications and conference presentations. It will provide the candidate with opportunities to improve the experience of giving and receiving feedback, and enhance both medical education and clinical practice.