Principal Advisor: Dr Jana Vukovic


Research group: Vukovic Group - Neuroimmunology and cognition

Organisational unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

Cognitive dysfunction and reactive microglia (brain’s resident immune cells) are hallmarks of traumatic brain injury (TBI), yet whether these cells contribute to cognitive deficits and secondary inflammatory pathology remains poorly understood. We recently demonstrated that removal of microglia from the mouse brain has little impact on the outcome of brain injury but inducing the turnover of these cells through either pharmacologic or genetic approaches can yield a neuroprotective microglial phenotype that profoundly aids recovery. The beneficial effects of these repopulating microglia are yet to be elucidated. The proposed project aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms underpinning microglial neuroprotective and pro-regenerative phenotype with the ultimate goal to aid repair and alleviate the cognitive deficits arising from brain injury.