Principal Advisor: Associate Professor Calvin Smith


Phone: 07 3365 5480

Organisational unit: Office of Medical Education

‘Clinical education’ is a concept that encompasses a broad range of teaching practices and learning experiences. The clinical environment is one educational context in which clinical educators teach, but there are others too – e.g., small group tutorials, lectures, on-line teaching. These activities, and associated student experiences, constitute the enterprise of medical teaching. Clinicians who teach are therefore central to the enterprise of medical education. But how, and when in their careers, do clinicians learn about teaching and learning? What do clinicians who teach know about the theories that underpin effective clinical education practice? This project aims to explore these questions. The project would suit a candidate interested in medical education and the development of the medical education “workforce”. The project is expected to be made of up of a series of separate but related studies, in order to give a comprehensive picture of the ways that clinicians who teach understand their roles as teachers, their conceptions of teaching and learning, and their views on developing their teaching practice.