Principal Advisor: Professor Stefan Thor


Phone: 07 3365 2684

Research group: Thor Group - Control of cell fate and proliferation in the developing brain

Organisational unit: School of Biomedical Sciences

The neuropeptide gene Npvf is expressed in a very small number of cells in the hypothalamus. Npvf generates several peptide hormones (RFRP1/3, GnIH), which have been described as regulating fertility and activity (sleep-wake states, motor activity). However, these models are based upon correlative studies in several mammalian species, and limited functional studies using recombinant peptides. The Npvf gene has not been knocked out in the mouse. We have generated a conditional mouse mutant that, for the first time, enables a thorough analysis of the function of this gene. This would entail fertility and behavioural analysis. Our knock-out allele also expresses GFP, and the project would involve mapping out the axonal projections of Npvf neurons throughout the mouse brain.