Milestone reviews at UQ are an opportunity for HDR candidates and their advisors to take stock of progress, to plan the next stages, and to identify and resolve any problems, with input from others with relevant expertise. Each milestone consists of a piece of written work, an oral presentation, and an interview with the Review Committee.

UQ Medicine milestone reviews are organised by the HDR candidate and their advisory team, with assistance from the HDR Liaison Officer (HLO). The recommended timeframe to begin organising your milestone is 8 weeks prior to your due date. You can check your next milestone date either through my.UQ and SI net. The Graduate School will send out reminders to all students 8 weeks out from the student’s milestone due date. 

Meeting your Milestone due date is a compulsory requirement of your Candidature.

At least 1.5 hours should be set aside for each milestone review to ensure adequate time is available for discussion.

Mid-candidature review will take place 12 months FTE (PhD) or 6 months FTE (MPhil) after the official confirmation milestone due date. MPhil candidates may combine MCR with Thesis Review under certain conditions (See this webpage, click on Procedures tab at top, and scroll down to 6. Accelerated MPhil Milestones)

The aim of this milestone review is to determine:

  • Does the Candidate have a well-developed understanding of the research area, and where it sits within the broader literature.
  • Is the project on schedule and is there a clear timeline to completion.
  • Are there any factors hindering progress, and how can they be overcome.
  • Has the Candidate progressed in their development of the qualities, skills, knowledge and abilities set out in the UQ Statement of Higher Degree by Research Graduate Attributes.