The role of the Chairperson is to facilitate a discussion with the candidate, the advisory team and the Readers to determine if the candidate is developing the attributes that are desirable in a graduate of The University of Queensland, as outlined in the UQ Higher Degree by Research Candidate Charter, and whether the research project is feasible and of sufficient scope for a MPhil/PhD degree.

As the Chair, you need to be affiliated with UQ and have prior experience on milestone review panels, as you need to be familiar with the milestone process, rather than just with the topic of the research.

If you have any question about the process, or any issues arise, please contact the relevant DRT or HLOs (contact details are provided on the first page of the S3 document.

1. Approach

You will be approached by the Candidate or their advisory team, asking if you are prepared to act as the Chair for the milestone review.