If the milestone will proceed on time, at least 4 weeks before the Milestone due date:

    2. Meet with your advisory team

    At this meeting, you need to discuss: 

    • The milestone document and iThenticate report
    • Who will be on your review committee (2 Readers and Chair). Readers can be anyone who has a good knowledge of your area of research, so long as they are not working on the same project, do not report to (or supervise) a member of your advisory team or are a member of your advisory team.  It is important Readers are recognised as being independent and can give un-conflicted advice to both you and your advisory team. The Chair needs to be affiliated with UQ, and have HDR advisory experience and prior experience on milestone review panels, as they need to be familiar with the milestone process, rather than just with the topic of your research. The Chairs may come from the units in which you are located. It is recommended that, if possible, the same Readers and Chair are kept throughout the whole of the PhD/MPhil, so that they are familiar with the progress of your work over time. However, sometimes this is not possible, so there are no restrictions on changing Readers or the Chair.
    • Potential times and dates for the seminar/interview. You need to liaise with your advisory team and review committee to arrange for a suitable time and date (including room bookings) for the milestone review. If you or other parties involved in the process are physically remote, the process can be facilitated by Zoom, video-link or tele­conferencing.
    • Confirm if a confidentiality agreement is required for review committee members and/or seminar attendees and prepare the documentation.
    • If Applicable, requirements to upgrade from an MPhil to a PhD. 
    • Please note: if you have concerns about the project that requires escalating before the Milestone meeting, please contact your DRT.