If the milestone will proceed on time, at least 4 weeks before the Milestone due date:

    4. Hold the milestone seminar/interview

    Contact the IT helpdesk for any computer or Zoom issues. On the day of the milestone review:

    • Present your seminar (between 30-45 min, including question time).
    • Meet with the review committee and your advisory team to discuss any issues. You and your advisory team will be given an opportunity to speak separately and confidentially to the review committee.
    • The review committee will assess whether you are developing the UQ graduate attributes, and if your research project is feasible and of sufficient scope so that it is likely to result in sufficient data for a Research Higher Degree thesis. In assessing the Graduate attributes, you will be given a score out of 500. A score of 300 or above means that you are considered to be progressing satisfactorily. The committee will also consider some specific questions regarding the research project. Ensure you read the milestone-specific S3 document before your milestone, so that you are familiar with what the review committee is assessing.
    • If you are not successful in obtaining a score of 300, or if the questions regarding the research project cannot be answered satisfactorily, then the review committee will make recommendations for what you need to do to meet the milestone requirements. You will be given a set period of time in which you will need to meet those requirements, after which time the committee will reconsider their recommendation.