3. Complete and send the S2 form

The form is completed online and a link will be sent once your student completes the S1.  If you have difficulty receiving the link it can also be accessed via the HDR Student support web page.  This form is you opportunity to give your opinion on how your Candidate is progressing

In order to complete it, you will also need to discuss with the Candidate who to nominate as Readers and Chair for the Milestone Committee.

  • Readers can be anyone who has a good knowledge of the area of research, so long as they are not part of your immediate group or the advisory team.
  • The Chair needs to be affiliated with UQ, and have HDR advisory experience and prior experience on milestone review panels, as they need to be familiar with the milestone process, rather than just with the topic of your research. The Chairs may come from the units in which you are located.
  • It is recommended that, if possible, the same Readers and Chair are kept throughout the whole of the PhD/MPhil, so that they are familiar with the progress of the candidate’s work over time. However, sometimes this is not possible, so there are no restrictions on changing Readers or the Chair.

Please note: if you have concerns about the project that requires escalating before the Milestone meeting, please contact your DRT.

Once completed the online S2 form will automatically send a copy to the Milestone Chair.  We ask the form is completed at least 2 weeks prior to the interview.