5. Once the milestone committee has made their recommendation

  1. The Chair sends the S3 form to the HLO, who will organise for the committee’s recommendations to be reviewed by the Director of Research Training (DRT). Once the DRT has approved the form, you and the candidate will receive a copy of the S3 document with the written feedback of the committee.
  2. The Candidate will initiate a milestone attainment request if the milestone has been approved, or a milestone extension request if the committee have requested further work to be done. You will then receive an automated email asking you to log-in to approve this request. If you are sure that the Candidate has initiated the milestone attainment request, but you do not get this email asking you to approve it, you can check for assigned requests by checking your Unitask Portal (Candidature Management Portal) at any time. If you are having trouble with the system refer to the Graduate School guide here.